Nowadays, most people already own a dog. Maybe because some are feel lonely and also because they love animals.

Each person chooses to breed, what suits them best. Whether Yorkshire Terrier, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Chihuahua ....

Today it's commonplace. Increasingly, especially in the colder months, we poobliekaných dogs accompanied by their masters. Their four-legged pets dress up celebrities only, but also ordinary people. This trend is no longer with us naturalize so that there is no master, who would not buy your dog some kind of clothing. One can question whether the dogs should wear or not. If you breed with short hair, surely it will be cold when it is cooler outside. Certainly it can not hurt him.

Whether your four-legged friend dress up depends on what breed you own. Make sure you choose the right kind of clothes that he was not too hot, or vice versa. However, dressing up and wearing clothes your pet was obviously uncomfortable, do not make him do it.


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